I have been wanting to write about the dating sites and what really happens when you are let’s say over 40.  Your picture will attract every boy, yes that’s right boy.  There are youngsters on there by the time they are 18, why you might ask as their social circles will be big if they are still at school or uni.  Their search starts at about age 30 upwards, not girls their own age.  Why do they think they want an older woman?  To teach them so they are good in bed, they have no patience these days as they want it all now.  17 and they are driving, 18 they are in the pubs and clubs with most already done that with false id.  There is no dream of finding the one to love and learning together as your relationship develops, that is just an idealistic scenario that hardly anyone dreams of now.  They want the status of being good and will send you pictures of their ‘tool’ so you know how big it is, they all think there’s is big by the way.  Their dream is to meet an older woman and sleep with her for a while as they can also ask them to do anything, as they have the attitude of yes, we can do what ever you want.

The amount of dating sites has grown enormously and you can pick one that suits what you are looking for, for instance there is one that is about uniforms so if you want a policeman or soldier you just look there. Once on the site you soon discover that they are not all in uniform jobs like you was expecting, there are builders in shorts and generally just normal guys.  All the free sites are very popular and because of the Internet they are seen all over the world so 50% will be foreign men that call you Dear and ask you to be their wife.  There are sites for music lovers so you match your taste in music but sometimes isn’t it good to be different so you can maybe learn to be appreciative of others tastes?  You could find one that tells you when someone is close by that matches your profile or even some that don’t match you with anybody they just say they have.  

Most all use false names and will not tell you anything until you meet them, some lie about what they are looking for and want just so they can get to meet you and see what they can get.  I have always been very up front and honest but I am now questioning myself and thinking maybe women should be the same and not put your real name out their.  You can find out a lot from Google!  Everybody has learnt that you meet in a busy cafe or bar so everyone is being safe.  I think you should go further and download Skype or use FaceTime to see who you are going to meet, maybe ask them a few questions to find out some things but be aware it can all be lies.  

How do you know when you can trust someone?  NOT by them telling you “you can trust me” that just seems to roll of their tongues. If they say they just want to be friends, ask yourself why?  Do they not have friends? Why?  You have to do some digging and ask very open questions.  Sometimes they are so clever that they avoid answering anything, these are the ones to watch especially if they are good looking.  Would be good if we had detectors to see if they are telling the truth.

I like to know the age of them as the older ones do tend to lie about this but often fall down if you start talking about music and what you were doing in the 80’s as they forget the lie they told you.  Men appear to age in looks quicker than women, maybe that’s why they are single when there older!  The 30 year olds are very straight to the point and tend to have a laugh, take you out and not expect you to pay half and most do not expect sex but will talk about it, great if you are both on the same page.  20 year olds just want sex, no chat, dinner or take you out, they want to go to your place and that’s it.  40 year olds appear to be the ones that lie about stuff and sometimes it really is just such stupid lies you wonder why on earth they bothered.  I am just generalising here and by no means saying all are like any of these.  This was all taken from a survey. 

I was talking to one bloke for 5 months and met him 4 times, all the rest of the talking was done on FaceTime.  He was the most secretive person I have ever met and at first it did intrigue me to find out what was true or not.  He appeared to brag about things but then say he liked to keep things to himself! Well why brag then?  So from holidays abroad to very expensive places, other houses, 4 cars, pop singer, race horse owner, large boat, footballer,backing singer and drummer.  What to believe?  Absolutely nothing, why bother wasting your time.             Then you get the ones that have 3 phone numbers, why?  It’s for business, it’s really funny how they never answer at the weekends, married of course and still they say, “no, I am single.”  

Are dating sites the way forward, I do not think so as the Internet has given us so many ways of deceiving people you sometimes never know the truth.  The dating world has changed over the last 20 years and not for the good. What will be the way forward to meeting your soul mate?  Many pubs are closing as it is too expensive so your opportunities are limited.

I think there should be a dating site that you have to prove your credentials with so everything that is on your profile is checked out properly, then at least you know their age, status, address, job, children have all been proved to the dating company.  At least that way you both start of the right way. 

Happy dating. 


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