I was so happy to read this book as I had heard lots of good, funny things about it and it was a pleasure to link up with Gina who seems a really lovely author, as they always are, I really think this industry is the absolute best for kindness and just about everything.


So today is my day on the blog tour so a huge welcome to Gina and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, what a book! I cannot remember the last time I laughed out loud at something that was written but this will have you in stitches, I loved every single part of it.

The characters are really good and all just blend together to make a real good package, I love Mavis and will have to read the previous book now as I know how funny it is going to be.


I so hope there will be another book as I am sure that the officers and constable Mavis Upton have a lot of stories to tell that will have you laughing and crying. Yes, there was a sad bit but it was all written so well into the story so that there were no time for tears. I will never look at a thong again and not think of Mavis Upton.

I loved the bit where she was weighing herself and the pounds were not dropping off, so she ended up taking all her clothes off to see if she lost more weight the only thing our Mavis didn’t think about was that she was at work! So she ends up hiding in a locker, so funny.

This is a 5 star excellent book that you just have to read and it will be in my top ten of the year. You can buy this from Amazon here.


Happy reading everyone

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