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The food of love by Amanda Prowse – Karen's World


I read an astonishing 50 books during the year which is a record for me so I will do my best to beat this during 2017.  Publishers and authors send me their books to read and review which I do on my blog, website, Amazon, Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook, Bloglovin and links from Instagram.
I found it very easy to pick my top three books as I could remember them because they were so good.  If you have not read them yet then head over to Amazon and pop them in your basket.
Please raise your glass
In third place I chose Lost Girls by Celina Grace, a new author for myself but a superb story that kept you turning the pages.  A lost best friend is hard to deal with but when years later her father dies and the story starts to unravel even more, what is real?  Is Maudie losing her mind, she really does not know anymore.  Brilliant book that was easy to pick as my number three but to be honest any of these books could be number one as they are all brilliant.
In second place I have picked The Gone Trilogy by Stacy Claflin which is three books but I found them so good I stayed up for hours reading and could hardly contain myself waiting for Stacy to send me the next book.  Can a child really disappear for years?  This shows just how easy it is and really gets you questioning your own security for children you love. A must to read in 2017 as they really are fantastic stories. There are now another two stand alone books which are about the characters.  Emotional story that you really felt the author had lived this as the feelings are so well written, great author and I look forward to reading more of her work.
So first place goes to The Food of Love by Amanda Prowse, a fantastic story about how a family deal with an eating disorder.  Once you start this you will not put it down, your emotions go through the wringer reading this but you really begin to understand how events tear into this solid family causing cracks that you think could never be healed. From the characters who blend together so well you get emotions that really make you feel you are living their nightmare.
I think Amanda Prowse is a fantastic author so I have read many of her books that you can read reviews of on here.  Drawing from life she really gets into the characters so you think they are real, so much depth and feeling come from her books.

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