Tips on how to make a locked-down relationship/love/sex life work.

Lock-down sex, you are together every day for weeks, you have sex on tap whenever you want it! 

If there are any idealistic people reading this you will love the above statement and believe it, but in all honesty that is a very small percentage of couples.

How do you make lockdown work in a relationship? 

Being home all day with your partner is like a holiday at first, especially if neither is working, you are unwinding and beginning to relax. Some are doing the jobs that have been waiting for ages or just getting on top of the household jobs, maybe spring cleaning. Instead of saying thank you, actions speak louder than words. We all like to be appreciated and if your getting that every time you do a job then it’s a win-win situation for you both, Berkshire sex is another great idea.

Having some alone time, we all need that at times so maybe take yourself off to another room, make time to do your own hobby, or go for a walk. Then when you return you are pleased to see the person you love, so show and tell.

Everyone argues, some shout, some cry, some talk but always remember there is a compromise, take a break, watch a bit of TV and then think about what happened, where you right then think about the reasons you could mention. If you were wrong, sorry says it all.

Sharing your life with someone and caring about them can also cause you to worry about if they get ill, then thinking the worse and how will you cope without them. Some worries you cannot control so accept them and tell yourself nothing has happened yet, let’s enjoy what we have at this moment.

Family is everything, the lockdown has made many appreciate things so much more also realising that what you have is special. Children can get in the way of your time together so stick to the routine of bedtime and then you can have your time together. Your parents are probably missing the children lots so have a special Facetime once a week or send the letters and drawings that they have done.

Make time to talk to your friends online or on the phone, maybe sit down with a coffee and have a chat to them just as you would normally. Get your single friends to try this website in Kent, kent sex site.

Don’t let sex become boring, chat about things or look at what you can buy online if your partner is watching porn then watch it together, still got the nurses outfit you wore to the fancy dress then wear that for treating them!

Talking about anything and everything is one of the best things in a relationship as if you can share the everyday things then the others don’t appear so bad once they are shared.

Laughing is another great relationship maker as if you can laugh about anything and everything you have that closeness that makes a good relationship.









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