We have been having some glorious weather here in Kent which meant last weekend which included bank holiday Monday people flocked to the parks and beaches, which was great to see and just what all the small businesses needed. I did like to hear that Folkestone is a trendy seaside town! It only takes 50 minutes to get here on the fast train from London so the railway network had problems coping with the amount of people, it would seem that too many people or snow disrupt our travel systems completely….. when will they realise that we are now getting extremes of weather so it needs to be planned for.
Warm weather also appears to destroy people’s common sense as they were incapable of taking their own rubbish home, so it is left to the residents who live in these seaside towns to tidy up the parks and beaches. It really is a horrible thing to see when you are out for a walk, rubbish laying and flying all over the place. Why do normal, some intelligent people feel they have to do this, is it beneath them to be seen carrying their own bag of rubbish home.

The local councils were made aware that there would be a huge influx of people but even they could not empty the bins! But they have the money for stupid name changes and expenses that are above and beyond what any one of us would claim for. Why are they allowed to get away with this as if we were to put in a big expenses claim form we would just be told NO, why are they above this?
So people I have had my moan, just please remember to pick up rubbish and lets really think about the plastic that we are using, let your shops and companies know that you do not want all this packaging.
The sun is still shining, have a great week.

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