Saturday the 4th July is all over with many going to the pubs and forgetting about social distancing the photos that came out from London are reminiscent of the beaches and protest gatherings of the last few weeks. I feel Northern Ireland had the best idea with people having to eat if they wanted to drink in a pub, a time limit would have been another good idea. Whatever the rules are for pubs it is never going to be the same until there is a vaccine available for everyone and that appears to be a long way off. Would you go to a pub now and would you feel safe? Considering London was our central point of vast spreading of the virus it felt like everyone had forgotten that on Saturday night, the streets were packed with drinkers catching up with friends.

Will the actions of many lead to a second spike in some parts of the country, I feel this is a fear many people have but there is absolutely nothing we can do about it, just another case of waiting to see. Is it the uncertainty that people fear, never knowing what will happen, when or if?  For the people that are shielding, they have to stay home until the 1st August but will they then go out as if nothing has happened? I feel like I am in the minority now with the thought of going anywhere where there are a lot of people is just too scary. I do go to my children’s houses and that is fine as we all feel the same and are still being very careful. I did also go round the coast in my camper with family but the great thing about that is that it is all self-contained so we did not have to mix with anyone and parked on our own. I have tried twice to go to a large shop but the stress and panic that I feel when doing that just puts me off, am I wrong to feel so vulnerable? I think it is just the way I am as being someone who is extremely unlucky in life, I would probably catch it.

The government says that hospitals are getting back to normal and you should go to your doctors about any problems!  My knowledge of this is the complete opposite doctors are still only doing phone consultations. Surgeons are still only doing phone consultations. Bloods and x-rays are only for urgent requests. You have not been able to see your local doctor or consultant at the hospital since March!

I feel these figures could well be proved to be correct, I hope not but the likelihood of people dying because they have not been seen is 100%

You can go to the pub, beach and mix with whoever but you can’t see a doctor for your health, the government need to address this issue now!

Then I read that under 16% of school-age children have returned to school, some of those are key workers children that have been constantly in school. Many parents are worried about this and making the choice to keep them at home and persevering with the homeschooling. What are these parents going to do in September? Again it sounds like the virus will be forgotten and all children must return to school or you will be fined.  There will be safeguards such as hand washing and the bubbles of children so they do not mix, so the threat of corona is still going to be there. It feels like the government wants us to isolate one minute and then return to almost normal life the next.

Are you feeling anxious, what can we do about it?  On Thursday I am supposed to start the storytelling again in The Wellbeing Centre who have implemented all the official guidelines for everyone to follow but the thought of going to a place and mixing with others for over an hour is scaring me shitless.

Are there positives coming from the coronavirus?  I think one great thing is that so many things are available to be delivered now and I really hope they carry on. Many of us did the supermarket shop online we just had to keep looking for a delivery spot, I was surprised to see last night that Tesco is still very popular so you have to pick your time to keep looking for your ideal spot. Food delivery companies like Uber eats have become a normal part of life now especially with the younger generation, my grandchildren all use them, even for breakfast!  The restaurants that changed to a delivery service have at least still kept an income coming in and I do hope they don’t all stop this as soon as they open as that service is great for the many disabled and isolated people in our communities. What have you liked being delivered for yourselves?

Considering the isolating affected me so badly in the beginning, mainly because I couldn’t see my family, I am now hating the thought of going out, mixing with people, and getting back to normal. Am I alone in these feelings or for some is this normal?  There is a lot about mental health in the news but I have not read anything about the way I am feeling.

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