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What a lovely Sunday to potter about in the garden. My aim this summer is to get the garden to look nice in the winter and then when you look out the window it might cheer you up. My eldest granddaughter is here with me and we got all the stickers out and planned where we were going to put them all. So many in each packet so they were a bargain and we ended up not using all of them so they will be used on my next project. Very easy to put on, even for me lol what a difference to a water butt they make and can see this from my kitchen window.

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The dust men are going to get a surprise at least no one can take it as I will know which one is mine. What a difference a sticker makes, it makes you feel happy just looking at it.

I have fences down one side so have been collecting things to hang on there all year round. My son-in-law has got a staple gun so they are going to be securely fixed so the wind cannot get them. Also solar lights make such a difference so I have a selection of them this year.

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I am thinking about what I plant this year, choosing plants that come up every year, different coloured heathers also early and late flowering plants. I had a lovely climber last year but it died in the winter so will look into best one to get this year. I am learning a bit every year so improving on my planting. I think all the vegetables are going to be in pots this year with copper tape round them as the slugs last year destroyed everything and it is so heartbreaking.

Hope you are all having a sunny Sunday x

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