There is nothing better than a delicious cup of coffee but how do you find one?  So many brands, types and flavours it really is a minefield. Everyone has different tastes and preferences, I sometimes really want to ask them, what it is called when I get given a smooth, slide down, velvety, tasteful coffee.  Or throw away the bitter, aftertaste one. Are we getting fussy or just too much choice?

I was thrilled to hear about this subscription delivery service for delicious types of coffee, your coffee comes in a blue box that is packaged and presented really well.  It may be a plain blue box but the contents are explosive!  It is all sealed for freshness, plus you get a card telling you all about the type of coffee they have sent you.

I received two in my box so after I had read all about them I still could not decide which one to try first.  In the end, I just picked one and the next week I tried the other one, I just could not wait. I wasn’t happy about waiting a week but I broke the cafetiere so had to wait until I could purchase another one!

I really liked the cards you get as they tell you all about the coffee, this one is made with coffee cherries. It’s like a lesson in coffee receiving these parcels. I liked the taste of this one, probably because it had the taste of black tea, smooth and rich in taste. There is even a map of where about’s it is grown on the cards. Well sealed bags that actually reseal very easily, I do sometimes have problems especially with the cheese bags, very annoying.

Next was the cocafelol, I wasn’t sure what this was going to taste like as I like butterscotch and lemon but I am not a fan of nuts or nutty flavours but again I was surprised as the flavours are not overpowering so you don’t get one strong flavour coming through.

I really like this idea as it gives you the opportunity of tasting different flavours and blends. You have the option of choosing your preferences such as strength of the coffee, what type, as in beans or ground and the frequency of delivery. These pouches of coffee are fairly big and I know they would last me a long time.  I love the information cards about the coffee, it really opens up the world of coffee and all it entails.

If you would like to try a box or subscribe to this super idea I can offer you a £3 off voucher, please just quote KWW3 on your order at

Happy coffee drinking everyone

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