Long shackle combination padlock

It is always a pleasure to review well-made products that last, as we seem to be living in a throw-away society at the moment which I feel needs to change if we are going to combat the ever-increasing amount of waste the world produces.

I find these number padlocks to be easier to use than the old key ones, how many keys have you got in the drawer? I used to lose mine so it was all a bit of a pain. These you just have to remember the four numbers which I find even easier than passwords. Or you could just write down your numbers somewhere safe.

I have put one of these on my small shed/box in the garden and the other one we used to lock up the bikes on our last camping trick. They also have a years warranty so that is brilliant. They had a good soaking during the last storm and still worked really well. The other thing I like about these is that they appear not to rust so no replacing them in a years time.

Whatever you have that you need to protect then these padlocks are the way to go, strong, durable and easy to use. Even I could work them out! lol

Customer service is excellent as there is an email address to contact them if you have any problems, I wish everything came with a contact email as that would make life even easier.

Five stars from myself for a great product.

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