It has been a while since I last did a post, for this I apologise. I was not feeling well and then developed an extremely bad toothache which made my face so swollen it took two lots of antibiotics to cure it. I am feeling much better now so hoping to get back on track. I came back from the writing holiday in Wales very enthusiastic after talking to many authors who told me to get writing the book and what a brilliant idea it was. I then don’t know what happened as I lost enthusiasm and felt very self conscious about my writing, thinking it is just not good enough and if the authors I met read my blog will think that. I then had a story returned and was told to improve the structure and watch also for exposition interjected in to plot – back story and details should come out naturally. So now I am not sure how I feel, I still want to write the books so I am thinking when I have finished it to the best of my ability to then send it to a proof reader to see what they think and correct in it. I do not feel confident now and that in turn makes me feel less enthusiastic. 😞

I took Kara, Izzy and Alfie to the cinema Thursday evening to see the 3D One Direction film, we had to wear very fetching black glasses to be able to see it. I was not expecting to like it but actually found it very entertaining. I like the way they have stayed young boys having a laugh and no way has it all gone to their heads. I think they will go far as they work very hard and are always thanking their fans as they realise they would be no where without them.

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These six week school holidays appear to have gone so fast and I have not accomplished many of the things I had planned to do. Jodie and family were away camping a lot of the time and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I went and stayed with them in their tent at one of the sites and had a great time with them all. I took Jade and Izzy to Yesterday’s World in Battle and they had a fantastic time looking at everything there and seeing what the shops looked like and sold many years ago. They did a quiz as we were going round then as they got it all correct they won a question and answer book about the Battle of Hastings in 1066. We then went down into Hastings for ice cream and amusements, was lovely to still see the 2p games there so they had great fun for quiet a long time with about £4 each. Then returning all the tickets they had won for a few prizes, which they were very pleased with. Izzy stayed with me a few days and had a great time, I love having them one at a time as can just do the things that they like.

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My eldest granddaughter Kara did her exams a year earlier and achieved an A* distinction in Science, A in catering, B in maths and C in English so the whole family were very, very pleased with her and she got an iPhone from her Mum and Dad for doing so well. Next week she returns to school in lower 6th and has to wear business type clothes like you would for work so as she received some money for doing well she went on a shopping trip for clothes particularly liking this Ralph Lauren jacket she purchased in the sale.

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Jodie and family spent a couple of days in London seeing all the sites and had a great time. It is such a shame that everything is so expensive up there as it stops many families from enjoying our heritage.

20130901-043615 PM.jpg
20130901-044853 PM.jpg

I love this one from Madam Tussaud.
The weather has been great the last few weeks making it a very happy summer holiday for all. Now the work begins again. Jade starts secondary school next week and is very enthusiastic about that, I think it’s nice how they all go to the same school.

20130901-045322 PM.jpg
What has been your best part of the summer holidays? Send some pictures to the gallery.

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