20140602-111151 pm-83511551.jpgI had a new experience flying to Spain the other day as I went with Norwegian airways, I have never used them before in fact I had never heard of them. I first had images of a small old plane but after doing a Google search realised they were the same as easy jet and all the others.
Arriving at gatwick it was good to see in the lift going up from the drop off zone a poster giving you all the airline names and the area that you had to go, mine was J.
Arriving at J, I saw machines and a lovely friendly lady who asked if I had used one before I replied no and she promptly typed in my booking number, up came my name and flight number, asking how many cases we typed in one out popped a sticky luggage label to attach to my case and then out came my boarding card. This must of taken all of 3 minutes!
I then walked round the corner to the luggage belts, put my suitcase on the conveyer, it weighed 13.7 and I was allowed 20 so that was great. I took out a little machine and zapped my case luggage label and away went the case. Five minutes and I was done, my friend queued for over an hour to get booked in with Monarch airlines!
Gatwick airport have now finished their renovations and the shopping experience is one to remember, so much choice now and everything so quick.
So many more booths at security there is hardly any queue and the alarms don’t go off for your watch or bracelet anymore, I just walked through and I have never been able to do that before.
I am now going to recommend Norwegian airways, the flight was stress free, the attendants very friendly and helpful. The only thing I could say is that they need an on-flight book so you know what they are serving on the drink and food trolly and also what you can buy on the duty free trolly. Lovely take off and landing, I am not a good flyer but that was smooth. Well done Norwegian airlines you have my vote for a brilliant airline.

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