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This is the book I am reading at the moment and enjoying it very much, I just wish I had more time to read it as I am very much a person that once starts a book will read at every opportunity until it is finished. Sometimes in life you cannot do that and it stresses me out, I do not want other issues and life forcing there way In-between myself and my book. I have so many books at the moment that I want to read, every time I look at my emails or the blogs I read there is another one, stop writing such good books everyone, I cannot keep up! Then the blogs seem to be getting better and so different, all these different views on subjects and things, I want to read them all. I bought my writing magazine yesterday and want to devour the pages and soak in the knowledge that is there for me to learn. Ideas for stories, articles, blogs, websites, novels all going round and round in my head, I just want to write and write, to get it all down. I feel like I want to explode, then I get stressed with myself and get upset, why do I feel like everything is so hard? I go and see some of the grandchildren, that takes my mind of it all and then I relax, come home and sleep. Somedays the sleep does not come easy, the dreams feel like I am just thinking about something with my eyes closed, should I write these down? When will I find the time for that? Why do I feel that there is just not enough time for anything I want to do?

I read a blog this morning where the person did not like the month of May because of what it reminds her of in her past, I then started to think about the months of the year and what they remind me of. Mostly it is family birthdays or events that are all happy times that happen every year. Do we remember the bad stuff? Yes, of course we do but I think it falls deeper in our minds as the years go on, I will always remember the months when my grand parents died, the months I got married and divorced but they come back to you when you think, they are not there at the front. The new bad things are still there at the front until we let them go or accept them or just stop thinking about them. I do not know how we do that as one day you wake and realise it is not your awakening thought or last before you sleep. To control your mind would be a wonderful thing, I think lol

As I looked through the writing magazine I realised that nothing seems to happen in Kent regarding writing circles, book signings, literature festivals, writing groups, writing get-aways, why is this? We do have a mermaid festival though!

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I will end these thoughts with a picture I saw this morning xx

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