I still find it amazing that you can continually go past somewhere many times in your town and not realise something is there, how could I miss a big purple building?  Was I already in a trance or just walking about with my eyes shut!
So many different therapies, massage’s and treatments, I could do with a bit of Facial Rejuvenation although maybe I need to go to Specsavers so I at least see the big purple building!
I knew absolutely nothing about hypnotherapy until last week when I had the pleasure of meeting Mark. He had enquired if I could do a blog post and some social media awareness of what he offers, Mark very kindly offered a hypnosis session for myself as then I would be able to write about it first hand and share my experience with you all.
I then looked to see what sort of things it covers, I was shocked at the list, so many. I had to decide which one I needed help with as I could come under every group lol. I decided by thinking which thing would make me happier so I decided on ‘stop eating sweet things’ I thought it best to leave my mental health alone as I have levelled out and living ok with it so long as I keep taking the tablets. My arthritis and ME again are under control from pacing my life, taking the tablets and not pushing myself. I also wanted to be able to see the result instantly for the purpose of this blog.
If you have done any Mindfulness the relaxation method and imagining scenes is very similar to this hypnosis. I did not really feel like I was in a trance state, which all took about an hour but it was very relaxing and calming. I really liked the way Mark explained everything and answered all my questions. It really is amazing all that can be achieved.
I left feeling very calm and made my way home, after my dinner that evening I did not fancy a dessert actually all weekend I did not eat anything sweet which is very unusual for me also I spent most of it suffering with a bad sore throat but even ice cream did not tempt me. I am keeping a diary to see how this goes but I think the lovely Mark has done the business and I will be a thin size 12 again soon, ok I may be dreaming a bit but its all good.

You can contact Mark here for all your enquiries.

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