During the Folkestone Book Festival I attended a talk given by Professor Richard Wiseman. What an interesting and extremely clever man who actually started of his working life as a magician.  He currently holds the only British professorship in The Public Understanding of Psychology from the University of Hertfordshire.
He has written many books which are all available on Amazon and been published in many leading academic journals.
He has studied why some people are un-lucky and some very-lucky and it all really comes down to how you see the world like for example the glass half empty or half full.  I am a very negative person and am very un-lucky but I can understand what he was saying.  I have a friend who is very lucky but her whole personality is happy and fun and that follows right through her life.
I asked her if she was in a bank and it was robbed so she got shot in the arm how would she feel and she immediately laughed and said very happy that he only shot my arm.  Where as her partner said un-lucky straight away and just his bad luck to be in the bank at that time.
So maybe we should all be a bit happier and think positive thoughts and maybe our numbers will come up in the lottery.
Have a fun, happy, lucky, positive day everyone!

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