20140730-101803 am-37083628.jpgIt was my eldest granddaughter Kara’s prom night a couple of weeks ago. The preparations took weeks especially finding the right dress, she had an idea in her head and then we had the problem of finding it but her Mum came good in the end and found this stunning dress for her. I felt so proud of her that night, she has turned into an amazing person who is a credit to her Mum and Dad.
Kara’s Dad has a twin and his daughter is the same age so they shared the car and went together, making an amazing entrance, especially getting out of a limousine which Mum organised.

20140730-102350 am-37430335.jpgI wish we had prom nights when I was at school or even when my children went to school but it is only in the last few years that they have now become popular in the UK. I think it gives them a good end to school and a chance to shine as an adult…..well most of them lol

20140730-102539 am-37539804.jpgIf you have any pictures of prom nights send them into and we can have a page of prom nights.

20140730-102711 am-37631190.jpgLove you lots Kara xx

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