It has been over a year since we visited this pub/restaurant, nothing has really changed decor-wise and the management appears to be the same as well. We were hoping the service had improved and the service of food.

The deals were still very good with something every day plus the GOLDEN YEARS menu which is very cheap and probably cheaper than cooking yourself. As it was Wednesday some decided to go for the CURRY DEAL which again was such good value.


Plus you get a drink with this all for £5.50

75A08788-3D93-41E8-8377-CC8709AA7249 The GOLDEN YEARS is still a good-sized portion with a dessert, sorry no photo but it was very nice.


The others had the wraps, which I must say take a lot of eating then there was the scampi which you normally get chips with.

 The food came out piping hot, I had the Korma curry that had lots of chicken in it plus being very tasty.

For some reason I only took a picture of my dessert lol I was probably too busy eating it! I do love the millionaire dessert.


We all enjoyed the food, the service was good even though we had to wait for two of the main courses to come out. There was a problem with the till accepting the curry deals which had happened to myself and two friends the previous week so I would have thought that would have been fixed by now, that is the fault of head office, not this pub I would like to add. The lady that sorted the bill was very efficient, polite plus told us to go and sit down while she sorted it out, I would go so far as to say she was far more helpful and nice than the manager has been in the past.

I feel that this pub concentrates more on the drinkers and events in the evenings more so now as they have a license until one am. I can often hear the music where I live so it can be annoying especially in the summer when in the garden and the windows are open. As they removed the play equipment from the garden it is not really a family pub anymore which is such a shame because it was popular with a fenced garden plus parking facilities.

Having a good catch up with friends is always amazing no matter where we are and you would think that a once a month lunch for nine would be a good incentive to be amazing.

Next month we are going to the perfect setting at The Grand.



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