What a brilliant story, well done Jane Holland, this is going in my top five of books as I loved every bit of it.  Kept you on edge wondering what was going to happen next, made so many guesses as to who killed Eleanor’s mother which is how the story begins and got it wrong every time. Actually the ending came as a bit of a shock as it was the one person that I did not think of.  The story flowed so effortlessly as it was written really well, characters true to life and extremely believable.

I am finding this a bit hard to write as I really do not want to give anything away so it spoils it for you as you really have got to read this book.  This is up with the top best sellers. I really loved the way everything was ended completely so you had no un-answered questions as that is really annoying.  I know its good for a follow on book but after reading something you need to know what happens in the end to these people that you get to know during the story.

I will be looking out for other books by Jane Holland its a shame mine is on my Kindle as no one can borrow it.

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