I am afraid I am going to moan as I think some people need to know a few facts about posts, messages and emails.  If you get a message that says share you really do not have to!  Messages like don’t add Bill Smith as it will put a virus on your comp, there is no person called Bill Smith as it is just an old-fashioned chain letter and probably the clever ones will get your email address and then you get loads of spam mail.  People appear to just share with out reading…..what is the point of sharing about a lost dog, when after reading all the post the dog is in bloody America!
If you get links to log into things in your messages, DON”T it really is not worth it as it is probably a stupid joke or a virus hidden in the message.  If you are not sure about a post or what ever it is then delete it.  You can always check on Hoax Slayer, Snopes or even do a Google search it’s not difficult people!
There are so many fraudulent emails saying they are from your bank or paypal….delete DELETE don’t even waste your precious time reading them.
The other thing that many people are getting stung with is the phone call saying they will boost your connection on wi-fi or they will get rid of the virus that is circulating they are all hoax’s put the phone down immediately.
If your Granny has a comp then tell her about all these things as they are the ones that tend to get scammed.  The internet is a wonderful thing but you need a lesson on what not to do or say.
Please do not put your surname in your email address and never put your correct year of birth on anything!
For some this is all done without thinking about it but lets all help everyone to be more savvy.

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