If you would like to know about Julie’s childhood and life then this is a great place to start, written from the heart as only Julie can this is a book that you remember.

Heartwarming, compelling and genuinely remarkable, More Than Just Coincidence is the true story of a mother who was reunited with her daughter, twenty years after she gave her up for adoption, in the most incredible of circumstances.

One hot summer day in 1970, teenaged Julie dressed her 10-day-old baby daughter for the last time. Then she placed her newborn into a nurse’s arms and walked away, taking with her only a tiny plastic bracelet on which were written two words – ‘Baby Wassmer’.

Over the next twenty years, the print on the bracelet began to fade, but the memory of Julie’s lost child continued to run, like thread, through the fabric of her life. Julie travelled the world and led an adventurous life, but at the back of her mind always remained the daughter she had let go.

On 5 November 1990, a struggling writer, aged 36, Julie stared at the reflection in a mirror on her bathroom wall as she prepared for her first meeting with a literary agent. All of sudden a thought came into her mind: now might be the perfect time for her daughter to re-enter her life. A few hours later, in the most astonishing way, two worlds were about to collide.

Published by Harper True, UK edition 8th September 2010.

You can buy all Julie’s books on AMAZON here. 

This is an amazing story and makes you believe that fate can work in our favour, I think this works so well as a book because it really is like a storybook world and ending. Once you start reading this, like many great memoirs you cannot put it down as you constantly want to know what is coming next and will it all be ok.

No wonder Eastenders was the top ‘soap’ with Julie writing the storylines, it just goes to show that some people have the talent to turn anything into a bestseller, whether it be stories, books, plays or television.

On Friday Julie will be here answering your questions and having a chat about her ‘Exsposè About Julie Wassmer’ just add your questions to here for Julie to answer.


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