How was your week? This must be one of the only times that it is great to have brothers and sisters who are all still living at home, I think they know when they are well off nowadays. Izzy was 17 last week so she had her brother and girlfriend, younger brother and older sister all in the garden to celebrate with her. Not the same as a party with friends but better than some who will be alone for their birthday.

Very pleased with my garden this year as many of the plants are established now and putting on a good display for me. So many varieties of pink plants that all look great.

In other news, my eldest granddaughter will be making me a great-gran in November, I did tell her that I was far too young. My daughter Jodie has decided she will be a Nonna, very sweet.


It has been a busy week for Jodie with birthdays as Alfie was 12 on Tuesday but at least the weather was nice so everyone got to be out in the garden when the school work was all done that is.  I do really feel for the families with no outside space it must be so hard keeping the children amused without relying on the TV or computers. It makes us feel very lucky indeed.


I love this photo of Mia giving Poppy a little haircut as ‘she was a bit hot’ lol. All was well though as only a bit of fur was cut off, the guinea pig sat so still though so maybe she was hoping to be a bit cooler.

Hat and scarf in flip-flops, I love it and that is so like Lily as she does love a hat. Not sure how she puts up with these boys, she soon puts them in their place though. It is so amazing how all the children have just adjusted to these new days without any questions. After the news tonight I think we all realised that this is going to go on for months and there is no quick fix. It looks like there will be no holidays for anyone this year and schools not opening fully until September for the new school year. I think the adults are finding it a lot harder than the children, does it get easier the longer it goes on? I don’t think it does but I do have good and bad days like a lot of people I imagine. It was good to know that a lot of people were feeling the same as me, also having no motivation. I actually took a notebook and pencil out in the garden yesterday for the first time but still, that did no good as absolutely nothing comes to me to write.

I finished reading this book last week, it was so good, mainly because it was about a travelling book shop in a campervan. Maybe I should take some books with me when I next go away, whenever that will be. Rebecca Raisin the author has got some Pinterest boards about each of the books she has written and it really gives you a sense of her imagination. I was disappointed that there was no board for this book though, I do hope she does one soon, maybe I should drop her a tweet to let her know I am waiting.

So we can look forward to another few weeks of lockdown with just a few minor changes for some, I do hope I get some inspiration from somewhere to write something, I have seen a couple of good competitions I could enter if I could think of a short story to write. Until that happens I will keep reading books and reviewing them, there are some great books out at the moment.

Stay safe


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