Luben’s pizza restaurant has only been open about three weeks so for our twenty people in for a meal Saturday evening was a huge test for them.  As it was a family birthday for Kara’s 19th we were not in any hurry in fact they had to put up with us for about three hours.  We had no complaints apart from maybe they need a big round table for large groups as it makes it easier to talk to everyone.  We had all the youngsters with us who were very well-behaved, they got colouring pages which kept some quiet for a while.  As the proprietor had a ten month old himself he knew what it was like, especially as we had the three-month old twins with us as well.  I actually had my three children and ten grandchildren all together which was a first and it was the three and five-year olds who would not co-operate for a photo; maybe one day I will get that.

I really hope this takes off as the pizzas are great and a little bit different which is always good.  I think they should congratulate themselves on providing great service, it was so nice to see happy polite staff.  Considering how big this place is there were many other customers eating Saturday evening but they kept their cool, it was also so nice to have a bit of a gap between courses.
Kara had a great evening and a very happy birthday to her for Monday.

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