As you get older eating can become a bit of a chore especially if you are not feeling your best. So the easiest and simplest meals become our staple and there is nothing that beats toast, even having some fruit with it makes it less boring but there are many other things you can have with toast as you can see in the picture.

We need to start our day off the right way and we do that by giving our bodies the substance they need to keep us fueled up until lunchtime. If you say breakfast I think the most popular thing people think of is eggs and what a great breakfast they make and so much choice in how to cook them and what to have with them.

Some elderly people have trouble getting going in the mornings so a brilliant idea is to prepare your breakfast the night before and these oats in jars are a brilliant example. The choice is vast what you can put in them so they appeal to all tastes. You can use vegan ingredients and just put in the things you like.


Whatever you decide to make for your breakfast just make sure it’s healthy by using all the good ingredients and less sugar, use fruit to give yourself that sweetness instead. I love a bowl of ready brek in the winter with some fruit. Summertime gives you more choice in your fruit so you can vary it each day with your cereal. I enjoy a poached egg on toast for something a bit more filling or if I am going out.

So please don’t skimp on your breakfast and let us become healthy oldies.


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