Feeling a bit lonely stuck indoors on your own? Then let me brighten your day by introducing you to online dating.

  • Not done it before?
  • Wondering if you should?
  • Don’t know what to do?
  • You have heard bad stories?

But let us remember all the good stories of people finding true love even when they had resigned themselves to being single forever!

Love has a habit of finding us when we least expect it and what a brilliant time than when you are isolating indoors due to this lockdown with coronavirus. Take your time to read about the different sites and what they offer, these two are particularly good, Nottingham dating and the Cumbria dating site. Make yourself a new email just for dating, this is so any social media will not pick you up and expose any details. Please remember they only find out what you want to give them and you can do this in your own time. Next, pour your self a drink and start reading.

You can put the main things in a search like how far away they live, personally I would go with about twenty miles as a long-distance relationship is hard to maintain. The age bracket is up to you but push yourself to go a few years younger and older as you never know what might pop up, be daring. You can also pick the smoking or not, drugs or not and even type of work. You may be thinking work wouldn’t matter but if you are working in a suit all day in London and they come and meet you from work in an undertakers suit or shorts and vest as a bricklayer these can sometimes be off-putting to some people.

This is all about you and what you like or do not like so be truthful to yourself also when you are filling in the details about yourself. You are now getting to the best bit, looking at all the available people so take note of the names and basic information just so you don’t get confused if there are a few that you like the look of. Sometimes it is best to just put a hello as then they will get back to you if they like what they see and read.

When you start chatting keep somethings to yourself, like your personal details and work. Keep it simple by saying the town you live in and the area you work and what you do. The best bit about this isolation is that you have plenty of time to chat and get to know each other, maybe compile a list of questions to go through, remember an open question makes them reply in detail hopefully.

The only exception to not keeping it local is if you just want to meet for a date and sex with not necessarily seeing them again, I find in the next town or area is good for that. Two good sites are the  Norfolk sex site and the Cheshire sex site so give those a try first. Please always remember to tell someone where you are going and any details about them that you know, also meet in a crowded place and stay safe.

Happy dating guys




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