I am sure some of you dread the thought of Valentine’s day and everything that it entails, as if you are single it’s like rubbing your nose in it. From card shops to jewellers, flowers and even those cheap Poundland shops they will be full of lovey-dovey stuff.

BUT, I bet you wouldn’t be thinking so negatively if you had someone to buy a card for and I don’t mean your pet, although you can get cards to and from your furry friend. Anyway, let us get back to finding a man, I can assure you it’s not an easy task, especially trying to find the right one.

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All this is about to change as I have found some great local dating sites, you may be thinking that you have met many local men and there are not that many single ones about, but wait, have you thought about the good things about finding someone local? No travelling to meet them, much easier to jump in a taxi, having a friend at the meeting place who just happened to be there as you both live in that town/village. How nice it must be to meet someone for lunch during the week as you both work in the town centre. I could go on about the advantages of dating local, why did I not realise all this before now?



I’m off to Scotland soon so think I might have a look at the local talent there as I just Love Glasgow Singles their accent is so sexy and the plus is, my friend is on this site and she keeps telling me how great Glasgow dating is, look out Scotland, you have been warned!

The other great thing about these dating sites is that you get to meet many other people as not everyone goes to the pub to meet someone new. I think it would be just great to meet someone that was into reading as what a great topic, talking about your favourite books. This works for lots of hobbies like sports, films, fashion, DIY, in fact, it would be great to meet a handyman if your decorating or doing up your house.


If you put all your hobbies, likes, dislikes and favourite things on your profile you have a great chance of finding someone just like you are looking for, Valentine’s day wouldn’t be so miserable then, would it?


Going out where you live is definitely the way forward as who really wants a long-distance relationship plus if you are just looking for companionship it really is much easier if you are both living in the same place theSurrey dating site is one of my favourites.

A couple of my friends Love Surrey Singles as they arranged to meet their dates at the same place, they all ended up having such a great night they all became best friends and did eventually pair up with each others date, that was after a couple of years. What a great outcome though and also it gives hope to all us single soles, loitering about waiting for our Valentine.


They say February is the month of love so let us get that loving feeling going and don’t forget to get a card, it is the giving that makes you feel good all over.



Happy dating guys

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