Looking at this picture makes me sad, I am missing everything so much, which I am very shocked about as sometimes I can go a couple of weeks without leaving my flat or seeing anyone. Now because it is forced it is really messing with my head and making me very low. I want to give my grandkids a cuddle but can’t even see them, can’t support my children. I know we are all in the same situation but it does not help, I cannot get rid of this complete sadness that is engulfing me. This is the first time I have tried to write but this seems hard to do, my enthusiasm for everything has disappeared, cooking is a job I cannot be bothered with. The highlight of the day is waiting for five o’clock and watching the TV to see what our prime minister has to say this time. Then when it’s not so good I have a cry, I have cried more these last few days than ever and it is only Wednesday!

We haven’t even got an end date so we cannot think it will all be over by the summer. We have a lot of birthdays coming up like a 17th an 18th and of course, my 60th nothing will be celebrated. We have a huge family holiday booked for the end of July which we were all looking forward to so much but that will probably not happen. Yes, we can do it next year but it’s not the same and I know we should be thankful that we are all ok. We have a lot to be thankful for but again it does not help this feeling.

Children missing out on last days at playschool before they start big school in September will school be open for September? The worry of what grade they will be given for their A levels and now looking for a job as for them school is over, do we actually want them to put themselves out there and work? I just want all my family to just stay in and be safe.

As soon as someone gets a cold you have to wait and see if it turns into something much worse. The weather is lovely at the moment not that anyone can enjoy it, I know I am lucky to have a garden but even that does not please me in these times.

Nothing to look forward to, this living on your own sucks! Stay safe everyone x

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