Last week I attended my second session with Mark and what an experience that was! We decided to aim for pain relief as with the osteoarthritis and ME I have to take pain killers everyday. The pain in my joints is very bad with no relief any day then some days being worse than others particularly if I have done something the day before. I tend to plan my life a bit to the extent that I have a few quiet, slow days then say I meet my friends for lunch then have a quiet week afterwards. Which often means I stay in bed for a few days.
So to be without pain would be amazing but I knew he couldn’t cure the conditions so how to get rid of pain? Mark wanted to tell my sub-conscious to let go of the pain and to leave my body, but I would get pain then from new places as the conditions I have are ongoing.
To start we were both standing, I had my eyes closed then he talked to my sub conscience. He asked it to let him know if it could hear him and if it could then tell Karen to move slightly. Well I am standing there thinking how is that going to happen as I was just standing there like normal. Next thing I know my body is moving forwards, actually moving, scary or what! That is why Mark stands up with you so he can catch you if you move too far forward and topple over.  My eyes flew open I had no explanation as to why my body had done that, he just wanted to carry on. I stood there listening to him talking away and my body moving forwards when ever he wanted to know if my sub conscience had understood. My body felt like it was relaxed, I felt my shoulders drop, I am pretty sure I was not relaxed. I felt like I had no control over my body and that is a pretty scary thing to happen.
We sat down and talked about what had happened, I tried to assess what my pain was like and I could honestly say that it was degrees better from when I entered his room. I was happy with that as even a bit less pain is better than nothing. Mark wanted to try something else so he again started talking to my sub conscience asking it to let all the pain go and for my sub conscience to answer and tell him that it had let the pain go. No words came out of my mouth but what did happen was my jaws started shaking, I had no control over that, it was like maybe something did want to come out but it couldn’t. My jaws did that a couple of times in reply to Marks questions.

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So, how have I been this week? My pain is definitely not as bad as what it was and I also fell over in the garden so that didn’t help.  I would have been in agony normally but no, still painful but nowhere near what it has been like in the past. Yes, this hypnotherapy really does work and it can be for a variety of conditions. I think my feeling is don’t knock it till you try it, as even a bit of release from pain is better than none at all.
It has been ten days since my experience with hypnotherapy, my pain is still a lot less than it has been so I am happy. It has enabled me to get ahead in my blog post writing as my fingers are not as sore and I have also been trying to implement some more things into my blog.
You can see the Tranceformation website here.
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