Have you always read books or did you start as an adult?
Where did your love of books come from?
My love started as soon as I could read so birthdays and christmas always bought a few more books.  I loved the annuals at christmas time.  Every night saw me go to bed to read and most times never turned the light out until I was threatened with the removal of the book.  Once I started a book I had to finish it, there was no, just reading a couple of pages and putting it down.  I am still like that and will read all the time no matter what is going on.  I think my reason for reading at such an early age was escapism as I was a very lonely child even though my grandparents were the very best I always felt very different from all the other kids.  Divorce and living with your Nan and Granddad were unheard of then.
We had the newspaper delivered every day and Nan got her magazine once a week and she used to read me the story about the robin and as soon as I could read I had a comic delivered, I was always up and ready early on those mornings so I could have a quick read before school.  I think Twinkle was the first one and that progressed up to Jackie over the years and then Loving and Love Affair as I loved the stories in those.
Enid Blyton was the best author as far as I was concerned, how did she think up these great adventures although I used to think she was writing about herself and envied her so much for having such cool friends and camps.
I would never give any of my books away and made Granddad put them all up in the loft in a big metal trunk, not sure how he got the metal trunk up there.  I can remember when I was married asking him if I could have some of the books and he told me he had given a lot to the children hospital, I was devastated at the time but pleased they went to a good place.
I read library books every week as we used to go every Saturday to change them and I am sure I read every Enid Blyton book they had.  Topsy and Tim was also a favourite of mine.  From the age of about ten I helped out in the library every Saturday afternoon, how good was that stamping the books out and going through the cards and then I made a library at home with all my books.
As I was an only child and lived with my grandparents I would often get a bit bored so Granddad used to make up topics and I would get a new exercise book and then go and find the books I needed and find out about the topic  Once it was clouds and I knew all the names of all the different ones and did drawings of them all.
I guess once a reader always a reader and I now read almost any books apart from historical as I prefer the modern-day.  Of course my dream would be to see my book in a library or in the window of Waterstones.


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