After my birthday celebrations, it was nice to spend some time in the camper with family, we didn’t go far just along the coast to Herne Bay where we pulled into a car park right on the seafront that had actual bays for parking a motorhome. You could stay all night for £2, I could not believe it, why on earth are there not these all over the UK?


The sunset was lovely to watch, even though we were in a car park it was quiet as not many people about once the sun goes down so we all had a good night.









We then drove on to Deal and again got a parking space on the front with a lovely green before you got to the beach. No parking limits or cost here so another brilliant find, mind you I would expect once we are back to normal with pubs open all these places will be full and noisy.


The yacht club was right in front of us, it was a very calm night so many of them were out on the sea.  I started writing a story here so had my setting in front of me. The beach huts are very well maintained here, looking almost new. I can’t decide whether there will be a murder in the yacht club or a romance but I am sure the writing will tell me.

Fish and chips for dinner was a treat so no cooking for us, all washed down with a glass of prosecco.





The following evening we drove over to The Romney Marsh where we used to live and visited our neighbour and parked up on her driveway, very cheap campsite lol. It was a pleasant few days also a good way to have a break without socialising with people and keeping to the two-meter rule. We have everything we need in the camper plus solar panels so we always have power.

Home now with some things getting back to normal here in the UK, on Saturday the pubs and restaurants will open up again, I feel that might be a bit too early but who knows. Our family holiday has been postponed until next year but at least we have something to look forward too.

Have you made any plans for this summer?

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