There has been a lot of talk the last few months about switching accounts from banks to utilities, insurances etc etc. But how easy is it and why don’t some people want to try to save some money? I decided to look into the different companies and see exactly what they do for us and is it really worth it to change everything.


Martin Lewis the money man, get his email every week here.

So many offers and tips to save you some money, it does not cost you anything just a few minutes to read it every week and then start saving those pennies or I should say pounds!


There are a lot of different deals from money put into your account to higher interest on your savings or vouchers with credit on them. How do you pick? Where do you find the deals? I receive an email from Martin the money man every week, here is the link if you would like to receive them. He gives a good run down about what each bank is offering so you pick the one that suits you best. I always go for the money, yes I have done this twice and I am looking for the next good one again. It’s easy cash to treat yourself with and after you have done it once you will see how easy it is. Yes, it’s really easy as apart from letting the new bank know that you would like to change to them you do not have to do anything! They move all your direct debits with the change over being so quick you do not even notice, you get your cards in the post, some even set you up a savings account as well. Everything carries on the same with a very smooth change over and you get a letter telling you it is all complete. What is there not to like about that and you could be up to £150 better off!


Again the email from Martin gives you the one’s to search like money supermarket for example, you put your details in once and they then search all the companies for the best price. You can then read through them all and decide which you prefer. NEVER accept your renewal from the company you have been with the previous year as you will always get it cheaper else where. This applies to every type of insurance so make sure you have a good look around.



I have no idea why people stay with the top 6 companies, I know good customer service is what you like but you really do not have to pay over £100 or more a year for that. The smaller companies give you the exact same fuel as nothing changes apart from where your bill comes from. Again I looked on Martin money mans email and I even joined his club for cheaper fuel here as then when I did change to a cheaper service he even paid me a nice little bit of cash as well. I have changed to Bulb and saved myself £180 a year, I was at the end of my contract with the previous company but if you are stuck in a contract Bulb will pay your exit fees, bonus and your saving money, whats not to like about that. The best bit is the fact that it is green renewable energy so we are doing our bit for the planet. They also do the warm home discount that you can apply for on some benefits. The last bit is the best, once you sign up if you refer a friend then you both get £50 each in your account so if you have a few friends you could probably end up not paying any bills for a good few months! I love it and if you want to get a quick £50 yourself in your account then sign up here for Bulb energy.



I do not know anyone that is paying the same amount to the same company, why? Because lots of people haggle especially with broadband and tv packages and to be honest the companies are bending over backwards to keep your custom. I have just changed my contract simm and got a much better deal through sky mobile and because I have sky broadband and the basic tv package they give you another discount, so easy. Look to see how much data you use than texts then minutes and then compare on Martin money mans email which deals he thinks are good and have a look. It never hurts to say that you cannot afford that much and most times they will alter it and make it lower for you. The best bit about sky mobile is that it rolls your data over so what you don’t use each month it carries over to the next so then when you have a load of data you can just lower your simm package and use all that, so saving more money, I think it can go down to about £8 a month. The other thing you can do is buy a second-hand phone from someone who has up-graded as that is far cheaper than a phone contract and you get good deals for just a simm contract.


Because here in Kent we only have the two companies there is no one to haggle with so we have to pay their rates but what you can do is get a water meter if there are just two of you or less in the house as you would not use the amount they charge you for as it is a set figure. If you have a house full of kids then don’t get a water meter until you have to!


So you should have a few pounds in your pocket now towards a nice little break. Here’s to switching and saving money.


What do you think?

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