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This probably follows on from the picture at the end of last nights post, not that I am admitting to being stupid, maybe a bit slow at times! Lol

After talking to a friend about the bulbs in her garden and what I have planted, I realised that not as many of my bulbs had grown like hers. Over a cup of tea we chatted about what else we were planting this year, I then became aware of something…..I had been planting some of my bulbs upside down, that then got me thinking. Why do they not put any instructions on bulb packets about how to plant them? All you get is when to plant them and where, not everyone has green fingers so they need to put more information on packets.

I have to wear glasses for reading like a lot of people so it is not an uncommon thing, so why do products have such small writing on them. For instance the shampoo and conditioner, could it not have a big S and a big C on it so we know what we are using, I mean, who takes their glasses into the shower with them?

Why do bloggers and Internet sites not realise that you cannot see the writing if it is too small or close to the colour of the background. I actually tried to read one yesterday about downloading a driver for printer that had brown writing on a black background, they must have bionic eyes to read that!

What about the instructions for microwaving food products, does the writing really have to be that small that you not only need your glasses on and the strongest light bulb in but a magnifying glass as well or you have no chance of knowing how long to cook it for.

I think that is my moan over, have a pleasant Sunday evening folks. x



  1. 15th April 2013 / 1:02 pm

    My daughter bought me a nice pink one with a light. So handy, couldn’t do without it now lol x

  2. 15th April 2013 / 10:20 am

    You so right about trying to read the small print, or words on a background without enough contrast. Sometimes I wish I had a magnifying glass for these occasions

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