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Everyone is so happy, summer has arrived at last and it is glorious. The smell of the barbecues lingers in the air, corks popping as the champagne flows, the beach was so packed, a wonderful day was had by all and the best bit you can do it all again tomorrow in fact you can do it all week. Make the most of it folks, book some days off and enjoy it while you can. It is lovely to see everyone smiling and happy.

Alfie wanted to cut the grass so I gave him some scissors so he practised his cutting skills, he had such a good time lol. Izzy got the bug today that Alfie had last week so she stayed with me today and slept nearly all day at least she has not been sick like her brother was……all over the drawing table at school. So glad I do not work in school anymore, I find that very hard to do even with my own children I avoided it if I could!

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My older grandson George came round today for a couple of hours and did some gardening for me and then I did him a barbecue lunch, he was impressed how nice the burger and sausage was, I told him that’s because I cook them slow so they cook without burning them to a crisp like so many people do when cooking meat on a barbecue.

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That is what I finished the day with a lovely glass of wine and some olives, I added some Feta cheese too, very yummy.
How did the kissing go for everyone? I had a kiss from Izzy xx


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