Packing a bag for a couple of days then emptying the cupboards and fridge of any food I could enjoy, I walked round to the camper, it’s parked in a side street as I am still looking for someone who would like to rent their driveway to me. Looking at the window I thought that the seagull had obviously got took short as it was a right mess. I started her up the camper I mean, and tried to clean as much as I could with the wipers and water. I just fancied driving a short distance as what I really wanted to do is wake up in the morning with a view of the sea. That is where it becomes difficult as the Sunday drivers were out in abundance. I drove along the coast from Folkestone to Dungeness and not one parking space. If I went back to a couple of places I could park from 6 pm until 7 am, why would you want to be up dressed and ready to move on by 7 in the morning. I then realised that I was not going to get my wish of waking up to a view of the sea so I ended up in a park paying £16 just to park there as I didn’t need electric. £16 that does seem a lot just to park in a small site in a little village, nothing really within walking distance. Not that I wanted to go anywhere as I just read, write and sit contemplating my next move, sounds like I’m playing chess lol. I did have a quick read of the tarot cards, it looks like I have some new beginnings which does sound right as a few things are taking of with my blogging and the writing group. So all positive which is good. Going back to the mess on the window I have tried to clean it off but I have discovered that it is eggs! Yes, someone has thrown eggs at my camper, my pride and joy, what an absolute arse of a person. My plan now is hot soapy water with a scrubbing-brush. 

My second problem is that I didn’t bring any chocolate, how could I forget one of the most staple parts of your food. I do have Jaffa cakes but don’t tell the grandchildren I’m eating them as that is their stash.
There are only three other camper vans here for the night, the temperature has dropped now the sun has gone but it has been a glorious day for March.I am hoping to finish the book I am reading tonight then I can do some reviews tomorrow.
I am still working on getting the egg of as it is set hard!
I moved on this morning to Kingsdown where Billie has her horses so I said hello to all them and then Billie went home and I am staying here for the night. I am still reading the same book, it feels like it is going on and on with not a lot happening, I will stay awake until I finish it tonight.
Writing is what I will be doing for the rest of the day and tomorrow as then I will have to go home as I have a very important lunch on Wednesday, with the ladies who lunch so I cannot miss that.


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