The second in the hard-hitting DCI Banham series by acclaimed actress Linda Regan.

When a group of young women working in London’s sex trade become involved in a murder investigation, they come up with a story which results in the wrong person being convicted.

Now, twenty years later, that person is out of jail – and somebody has started killing the women involved in the case. With the threat of blackmail hanging over them, the remaining women arrange a meeting – but it’s anyone’s guess if they will all make it there alive…

Stymied by the complex relationships between the people in the case, DCI Banham is perplexed – and his personal life isn’t offering any respite, for he’s rapidly falling for his deputy, Sergeant Grainger – a woman who does not want to mix her private and professional lives.



WOW, this was really good and I did actually stay up reading it until I fell asleep and the book ended up on the floor. I met Linda last year at the Rochester book festival organised by Lisa Cutts, a lovely lady who is not only an author but an actress as well. I think Linda will go in my top five crime authors and I look forward to reading her other books. This was a gritty crime, I do love them, with a great storyline and characters that really fit the parts. I didn’t get the killer right but hey I’m getting used to that, I think these authors remove all clues from my books! lol.

When you have a few murders it can sometimes be obvious who the killer is as you are running out of characters but not this book, it still keeps you hooked in there and it did not even enter my head who it turned out to be!

So pleased I met Linda and will now look out for her books.


Linda Regan, born Linda Mary Drinkwater, is a British actress and author, who has appeared on television, film, radio and on stage. She is best known for her role as Yellowcoat April in the British holiday camp sitcom Hi-de-Hi!.

The crime novels I write, are police procedural, they feature a murder division based in South London, where crime is pretty tough. I write how it is – although all my work is fiction.

My latest book is called The Terror Within.  It has just come out, and thankfully, receiving great reviews. If you are a crime fan I hope you may get it from the library, or if you buy books, perhaps order it from your local book shop, or direct from Amazon. The story takes place when a street riot turns into a hostage situation and lives are at stake as the clock ticks to crunch point, and the hostage-takers demands aren’t being met. It is published by Headline/Accent.











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