I have only just noticed all the shells on the roof of Chummies the seafood stall in the harbour. The fish looks good from a distance.

The Harbour Inn is a great place to have a drink or eat and I can recommend the Whitebait that we had as a snack one lunchtime. The main evening meals are very nice and a bit different from the normal so if you want somewhere a bit special then head down to the harbour.

I love the selection of places we have now in Folkestone, just about everyone is catered for.


Love this picture

I cannot wait to get hold of this and have a big Folkestone games night. I can think of so many places that could go on here so what a task that is going to be for them to choose. We even beat Cornwall to get this board, how good is that? I am going to show you my list so please let me know what you think, or have I missed something out? I do of course think I should go on there! lol 

Karen’s World


The Harbour Arm
The Warren
The Old High Street
Martello Tower
Write by the sea (Folkestone’s writing group)
Chummies fish stall
Party Bar
St Eanswythe church
Burstin Hotel
Sunny sands
The Leas

I wonder if they will put places on from the past as then it would have to be: The Parission and The Rotunder!

No jail – Go to France

I am just so excited, it’s going to be great. I never realised how many places actually have their own Monopoly board until I started to write this blog post. I wonder if I can get them to send me the first one, then maybe I could play it with my favourite Folkestone residents in one of the places they pick to go on the board?

On the cards you could have things like:

  • Pay for upkeep of the Library building £400
  • Go on Eurostar and miss a turn
  • Sweep The Old High Street and miss a turn
  • Pay Folkestone Council for parking permit £100
  • Receive a free pizza at Bella Vita worth £20
  • Count the books in Steep Street and miss two turns
  • Hire a boat from the Harbour pay £200

What others do you think we could have? Instead of going to jail you could be sent to France. I can think of so many things in fact I will bring it into my writing group as a task, that will be great fun and I will blog about what they say.


Have a great week, I will be thinking and talking about this all week.

Folkestone Monopoly

12th MARCH 2020

Ben Fogle Marketing Image.jpg




Thrilling tales from a modern-day explorer.  From crossing Antarctica to conquering Everest, Ben will take the audience on an inspiring adventure.

Join Ben in this uplifting and exciting show, when he’ll be sharing his stories of the wilderness.  Ben has climbed Everest, been swimming with crocodiles, saved elephants, dodged pirates, been marooned for a year on an uninhabited island, walked to the South Pole, Crossed the Empty Quarter with camels, rowed across the Atlantic Ocean, tracked the Migration of the wildebeest, swum from Alcatraz, had a flesh-eating disease and messed around with ferrets!

The much-loved TV adventurer will recount, with warmth and honesty, his thrilling tales. If you like Ben’s TV shows then you’ll love this personal and intimate evening of stories from around the world.   The show will include multi-media.

The UN Patron of the Wilderness, Ben Fogle has travelled the world, has published 10 bestselling books & his TV shows are a global hit watched by millions around the world.













There is nothing easy about planning a party and we do have a few coming up in the family, why do all the special birthdays and events all seem to come at once? Better planning needed from conception I say lol. So, I have a 40th for my daughter, one granddaughter will be 18 and of course my own 60th. Which I must say seems to have loomed up very quickly and not welcome, doesn’t 60 sound old?

Loving this necklace.

My go to place for something a bit different is the Square Meal website which is even better now as their website has had a super revamp. Really easy to use and so much on there, so there is something for everyone and all budgets. They even have a supplier’s tab which is very handy. I have added their site to my favourites bookmark as I am always looking for treats and party ideas. My other daughter is planning her wedding so we are always looking for venues and ideas and they have 56 venues for weddings, so now comes the choice. Billie is not sure what to have and every place she looks at she loves, how to make that decision? This site offers so much as well as ideas, help, wedding dresses that are so gorgeous you just want to try them all on. Then you have that time of the day between the meal and the evening party but this fantastic company have got a solution for that as well, yes, they have 17 fun and unique ways to entertain your guests. I am getting carried away with all these terrific ideas, anyone want to marry me so Square Meal can plan my ideal wedding day?


The amount of event venues that are available is amazing! How great would it be to have a birthday party in the Science museum, that should come tops with the kids. I am getting so excited looking at all these great venues that they have where ever you are, what a choice and they can do all the event planning if you are a bit busy looking for that perfect present.

Science museum party venue.


As a writer I very often head to coffee houses to write as the change in location really inspires me to find new ideas. I often like to just sit with a drink watching and listening to those little snippets of information you can hear. I then weave them into a story or just keep notes for a later date, it’s called my little ideas booklet and it really does come in handy. The idea of people working in bars and restuarant’s has developed with many places adding power points and strong wi-fi so in their quiet periods people can use the space to work. This company even have a list of places that are going to come in handy next time I am in London.


If you have your own company or you need to build your team so they work as a team, then let Square Meal organise a team building event for your employees. A great way to take the pressure of yourself but still benefit from the exercise. I think these events really help towards a happy workforce and we all know that if they are happy then they are more productive. It’s a win win situation for everyone.

Head on over to Square Meal and find your perfect event venue or let them take the pressure off you and plan everything so you can just enjoy your event. Happy planning


It is great that the exercise equipment is being put in a lot of the parks now, they have been in Spain for years and on the beach out there. We had a picnic in Hythe park last week. I think Alfie got a lot of exercise on the gym and then chasing bubbles everywhere.

I’m not sure who was having the most fun in the picture below lol. We did have a great time going to lots of different places last week.



I was pleased with these numbers when I saw them this morning on Pinterest and I am thrilled that people are liking my pins enough to click on them and read about my posts on my blog. I try hard to promote authors and the town I live in Folkestone. If you havn’t read any yet then just click on the links. Thank you to all my readers x


If you are in the fortunate position of loving your surroundings, with all the things you love around you, then you are very lucky. To wake up feeling extremely low is a start to the day that many will experience at some point in their lives. I don’t think it happens to more people now, I think it appears like it does as more people are talking about their feelings now. Women talk about feelings more than men but that number is narrowing, mainly due to new groups that are being set up for men with mental health issues.

Your bedroom should be your favourite room as we do spend an awful lot of time in there, asleep for most of it if you are lucky. Sleep and mental health often go together with some sleeping much more or some having many sleep problems. Your bedroom should be as dark as possible with blinds and thick curtains but then in the morning, I like to open them up and see my garden as that makes me happy especially in the summer when the sun is shining.

The winter can make many miserable with the dark nights but one way to make the most of the winter daylight is to have a conservatory. A small amount of winter sunshine can warm the room up and really lift your spirits as you sit in there looking out at your garden. I would love to be able to do that but I only rent a flat. Both my daughters have conservatories and they are a wonderful addition to their houses. The amount of light they let in is amazing and we all know that light especially natural light does us good and will help in our battles with mental health. The other lovely thing about conservatories is that as the small winter sun moves round you will get all of it as most are all glass.

Have you got a favourite part of your home? Mine are the two rooms that get the most light which are the bedroom and kitchen. My lounge is very dark and it definitely makes you feel fed-up in there. Trees and shrubs outside your windows can limit the light you have coming in so give them a good trim back in the autumn so when the spring sunshine appears you will see and feel it.

Make your garden nice to look at and sit in, with cosy comfortable chairs dotted about to catch the sunshine. The number of different designs you can get now for chairs and sofas for outside is amazing. I have been looking at getting a nice grey corner sofa and coffee table for my garden then I could sit out there of an evening. Getting the last of the days rays with my feet up. What a lovely thought, this grey dull and rainy weather definitely makes me feel low and my bones don’t like it at all. I keep hearing about all the real hot weather they are having in Europe and feel very jealous.


I have not been on this trip round the bay but it is on my list for the summer, they have a Facebook page here.

I think our small houses are so cute the way they are spread round town but the best one is in the harbour. The water was really high last weekend so people were swimming and jumping in from just about anywhere as it was very warm and muggy.

You can walk from along the beach past the poppies onto the Harbour Arm. Which I must say is even better this year as lots more places have opened on there. The music list for this summer is great and the Harbour screen is proving really popular with such a great variety of films for everyone and all the sport. My favourite is still the Champagne bar at the end of the Arm especially when they have live music. The views are so good from all around and of course France on a clear day.


You can never get away from the seagulls here on the coast and now all the babies have left the nest there seems to be hundreds of them about. I don’t really mind them but I do get cross when I see people feeding them as it encourages them to be a nuisance and take food from people. It is really scary for children when they do this, actually adults too as I have been terrified on occasions when they just won’t leave you alone.

It was lovely to wake up and look out to the sea.


We spent one day along the coast in Sandgate, Alfie thought it was great as he could ride his bike all the way along the front and up to the ice-cream van. He had to bike back really quick when he got me one though.

We had a nice picnic and I almost finished the book I was reading but will tell you about that in a later blog as it is so good.

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