We all know what a stressful time Christmas can be, what with buying presents then the dreaded wrapping and don’t forget all the food you have to buy and then of course you have the all too familiar work christmas dance.  How many times have you tried to get out of going? Yes, a lot, I know the feeling but these so-called friends just drag you along, make you buy a dress that looks more like a belt then ply you with drinks so you end up on the dance floor by yourself doing a rendition of ‘Hips don’t lie’ that no one has ever seen before or ever will again.

Sounding familiar?

Well now you can have a vision of your perfect partner, shopping with you and even coming up with super ideas about what to buy for Aunt Milley who is in her 80’s and he even wants to sit and wrap the present’s with you while enjoying a very good glass of bubbles, he even gives the sweetest kisses every so often, you do have to keep your mind on the job though lets not get too distracted girls until at least most of the jobs are complete. He unexpectedly pops over with a box of your favourite chocolates and a bottle of the new chocolate Bailey’s! You really need to keep hold of him.

Instead of dreaming about all this click into glasgow dating as that is the place to look, with every taste taken into account I am sure you will find the man of your dreams, yes girls, your dreams could come true this christmas and wouldn’t that be great. Imagine turning up to the works dinner and dance with the best dressed man in Glasgow attached to your arm.

Get your sparkly dresses on, have your hair done actually they could do your make-up and nails, then get in front of the camera and snap away from all angles, in mirror, sitting down, standing up, you getting the idea. Then you pick the best and upload to your new profile, how easy is that.

The profile – Always be honest, well unless its your age and we are all allowed to tell a little fib about that. Try to keep the information very general but you could show your fun side by relaying a story. If you do not like drinkers or smokers then say so as to be honest there is nothing worse than kissing an ash tray even if it is the most expensive and elegant one around!

Then you sit back and wait for the action to start or you could have a look at what is available, keep your search basic first of all as in how far you want to travel, age range and the basics like smoking drinking drugs etc. Then have a look at your choices and get in quick with a meet in the location of your choice.

Happy dating and good luck at the works christmas bash this year



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