Where did that go? Now to try and remember what I did, I know there was a lot of reading as I’m trying to get up to date with all the reviews I have to do as then I can read some of my own choices. Like for example Charlie Gallagher’s new book, HE WILL FIND YOU, I am desperate to read this as he is one of my favourite authors.

These are the books I read and reviewed and you can read them here.

The most exciting thing I did was go to Rochester for the crime event and to catch up with my friends who happen to be great authors.

I also went to Brighton for a couple of days with my friend Lynda, another great escape with hilarious moments and just what we both needed.

I always find it amazing when I look back to see what I did as it always seems such a lot but never feels like it as the rest of the time I am indoors resting.

September was suicide prevention month, not that it should be the only month we think about it. Let us always try to listen if they want to talk, take five minutes from your day and you never know how much you could be helping someone.

I love that listen and silent!

Now let us get on with October.


What do you think?

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