During these times when things are a little different, it will obviously affect our mood and feelings. With some finding life hard when this first started or now when we are coming out of it very slowly. For the ‘thinker’ and ‘worrier’ amongst us then this impacts greatly on our daily lives, with no remedy available we have to try and organise our thoughts in a way to minimise our worries.

Self-care ideas

I thought these were very good and apart from a spa day or retail therapy they are all things we can all do during the lockdown and limited activities.







Running a bath especially with a nice bath bomb always makes me feel better, I have been using the CBD oil bombs which really help with my sleeping patterns. I also think the oil actually helps with the pains in my joints. So I am not only relaxed allowing me to sleep well but also pain-free. You can contact Karen Sinclair on here and through FaceBook.

A face mask can always be applied while you are in this relaxed mood, then when you get out you can paint your toenails. You will be sunshine ready for tomorrow.  Lighting a gorgeous smelling candle in the bedroom for when you return from the bath makes me feel good, especially when you use your favourite one. A wonderful pamper evening to make you feel great and if you needed something to take your mind away from your thoughts then have a think about what ten things you are grateful for in your life.

Get yourself a pretty notebook to drop down your grateful thoughts then you can also use it for a journal, this gets those thoughts that you do not really want cluttering up your head out of there and down on paper. I sometimes find that when you read them the next day or week you will process them differently so they are then not a worry.

Exercise is another very good way of lightening the load that we carry around, a stroll or yoga or hard exercise the choice is yours and what you and your body are capable of, never overstretch yourself or let it be painful. Enjoy the experience, then to keep your thoughts occupied think about the to-do list that needs to be written afterwards. This does not have to be big major events but things like clearing out your email box gives me such a good feeling. I also like to put things in folders, so I have a tidy desk, tidy mind that all makes a tidy computer.  I also like to go through my friends on the many social channels as you can end up with so many that you are not really engaging with any of them, have a sort out makes you feel better. I love it when I come across someone that I have not spoken to for ages and you end up losing an hour while you have a catch up with them.

Cooking can be a chore I find as every day you are stuck in that kitchen and especially if you live alone it is not much fun. There is nothing wrong in having cereal for dinner, if that is what you fancy then go with it. Sometimes when I am in the mood for cooking I will think of a theme, like Italian and make something from scratch, a glass of wine while cooking is an added bonus. I then eat it watching one of my favourite programs or even something about Italy or an Italian film. The choice of takeaway is so amazing now as we have many delivery services to choose from. I use Uber eats as you get some good deals from them like for example 50% off up to £15. The many restaurants in your local area will belong to many of the delivery services so the choice is so good now. Even if you didn’t want to cook Italian then you could order it in.

I very often escape into a book and have learnt that not all books appeal to you so even if I have been asked to review it if I am not getting on with it then it goes and I pick a new one. Life is too short to read books you don’t like. But what a great feeling when you are really enjoying it as you do not think about anything else. I never read a book again as there are so many books out there that I want to read so don’t waste a minute.

Self-care is looking after you so take the time to do things that make you happy, with the amount of time we are spending indoors then you deserve to have a happy mind and relaxed body.

What is your favourite thing to do when you just want to escape your thoughts?


What do you think?

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