We popped into The CONGO coffee shop down The Old High Street on Saturday so we could indulge in bacon sandwiches, toasted sandwiches and a cream tea to give us the energy to go shopping.  I love this coffee shop as it is so small and personal, Marianne always has time for a chat.  I am sure I will be popping in there more as Kara is going to be helping them out at weekends.
It always seems to turn into a good few hours when I go out with these two, I had just spent the last few days in doors so I didn’t feel too bad.  I am sure I would feel better if it would stop bloody raining, the last couple of months has seen the arthritis spread into my left elbow so that is causing me a few problems as the pain I find is very hard to control when it first gets into another joint.
Because the weather has been so bad I do not think the plants know what they are doing so many of the shops are selling them off cheap at the moment, which I like.  I got a lovely Colious as they always remind me of my Nan and Grandad, he had loads growing in the greenhouse before he planted them out in the garden.
I do seem to have a variety of colours in the garden this year even though I tend to buy just pink flowers, might help if I put my glasses on and read all the labels.  I find the writing so small on plant tags and it is always such a performance putting down what ever you are holding then rummaging about in your handbag to find the glasses.  I would have the laser treatment if I was brave enough or I keep saying I will try contacts, I just have this fear of putting things in my eyes and cannot even put drops in them.
A small selection from my garden, the Lavender plants appear to be growing very well this year also my new Olive tree I got from the Eden centre.
Last year I got myself a swinging chair and have been looking for some material to make two long cushions one for the seat and one for your back then a cushion to lean on.  I feel extremely pleased with myself as I had the idea to buy a single quilt cover as they are the right length to make two covers and you have a nice pillow case for your head cushion. Then in Asda they had a sale and I purchased this one for £6 bargain I thought to myself.
Another weekend nearly over, Sunday I have written a few blog posts for the week, sat in the garden and just chilled after being out all afternoon yesterday. Have a great Sunday peeps. xx


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