We had so much fun doing this and cannot believe we have never done it before as it is on our doorstep. It was £15 for the three of us for an hour, we did take it back a bit early so maybe half an hour would be better. Jodie got sore hands from the rowing as Alfie is only little. I was the navigator who told them where to go, I did not tell them to go round in circles though which is what we did a lot! Also getting under the narrow bridge proved a bit tricky and we held up the big boat tour. They have a website here.

We did so much laughing though and had such fun. Alfie had some bread to feed the ducks, only a bit as they can’t have too much bread but I think the seagulls must smell it as they came from nowhere swooping down over our heads. Then Alfie fell backwards off his seat and got stuck, thank goodness the oars could not come out of their seating or we may have lost one of those as well. I should have taken a video but it took so long to just take that photo as we were laughing so much and trying to steer.


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