Rich Old Men for Dating – the Best Free Senior Dating Sites

Rich Old Men for Dating – the Best Free Senior Dating Sites


One of the few aspects of human existence that we can never avoid is the need for companionship. We were never meant to be alone and it really shows in how we built our society. Our ancestors changed and evolved into something better because they are needed by others in their group. These strings of relationships became the very foundation of our civilization and continue to connect us each day. We are all intertwined by the same species, maybe by the same origin. This is why we gravitate to other people, even if we do not want to. It is the very essence of human existence, and we cannot avoid that.

Companionship usually refers to friendship for the common folk. You go with each other together. You may share meals during lunch. There might also be times you hang out with each other just because you want to. Maybe you have something that you need from each other, whether it is material or otherwise. Companionship is the foundation of our society and it is no wonder why we always need a friend. It is never fun to be alone doing stuff that you enjoy; most of the time, it is even better when someone is enjoying with you.

However when this companionship is accompanied by love and commitment, it might be something else. You already know what it is: that’s love. According to psychologist Robert Sternberg, there must be three components in a relationship before it could be considered as true love: intimacy, passion and commitment. Intimacy refers to the closeness and camaraderie between people. Passion is the physical aspect of love, can also be considered lust. Commitment refers to loyalty and faithfulness to a person. Together, this is a triangle of true love and there is always somebody for all of us. Click here to read more about this theory.

Usually, you will hear people talk about their love lives like they are still in their teenagers. In fact, many people found their current partners while they were children or teens. It may have never materialized into love yet, but in the long run that relationship actually transformed into a romantic one. They say that it is best to find the love of your life while you are still young in order for you to spend more time with him or her. You might be very lucky if you found the one while you are still young. Sadly, some people cannot find them yet until they are already too old.

However, in dating, there is no such thing as too old. You can always look for a relationship while you are older in life. Maybe you do not want to find anyone at all. There is no age limit when it comes to love. As long as both parties are of legal age and consented on the union, nobody can stop you from loving one another. This is why there are a lot of sites that offer dating services are very popular. Sadly, they cannot cater to everyone.


For example, older people and seniors are having trouble in finding their special someone using popular sites like Tinder. Most of the time, they can only meet younger men and women who are only looking for sex or worse, money. As we grow older, we usually look for commitment and intimacy rather than that fiery passion. It isn’t that we don’t like it, but our age typically thinks about companionship rather than love. Who’s going to be with us while we’re older? Lucky for you, there are dating sites for seniors to use and enjoy,. You can find people who are in your age group and you do not need to worry about being alone anymore. Here are our top 3 picks for the best senior dating websites or you can check this out as well.

  1. Our Time

Our Time has been connecting people 50 years old and beyond during its entire existence. They offer a dating service for free and premium subscriptions are also available. Its features include a live-chat, a Messenger-type of website application that lets you talk to other people online. They also offer 24/7 customer service. You can also upload audio and video greetings once you have made your account. It can be a great starter for you to introduce yourself to other singles in your area. Our Time also lets you delete or disable your profile anytime you want, which gives you extra security and privacy. You can also block other people from viewing your account especially those who make you feel suspicious. They also have a mobile dating app which makes it really easy for you to find your Mr. or Ms. Right on the go!

2. eHarmony

This website boasts over 30 million users and claims that they can help find the right one for you. It works like a Sorting Hat from Harry Potter: they can help in choosing where you would fit in. However instead of sending you to your House, you are sent suggestions of men or women who are most likely to be compatible to you. They even provide tests which they claim to match you with the perfect lover for you. A series of questions will be given for you to answer and these will help in matching you with other people. Sadly, you cannot communicate with this person yet unless you pay their subscription plan. As they claim to be really effective in matching people within the membership period, they can extend your membership for 12 months if you cannot find your chosen partner within the given period. This Premier Plan is one of the reasons why eHarmony has one of the biggest dating sites for people over 50. They also take your privacy and security with utmost confidentiality. To know more about their website, read this:

3.Senior Match

Since its conception in 2001, Senior Match has been -well- matching seniors with other seniors. Their website does not even cater to individuals aged under thirty, making it more focused on the mature side of the age spectrum. One of the key features of this website is its security: you need to confirm your identity right after registration before you can even use their services. This makes them and the other users sure that you are not trying to fool anyone. Senior Match also offers news updates and forums in which other members can discuss about their chosen topics. Its search functions also lets you choose between specific or general traits that you are looking for, widening your horizons in looking for your special someone. Senior Match can be used for free but it is best to subscribe to fully enjoy their services. They also have a mobile app, which is nice.



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