I appear to have read a few books lately so I have to review all these! Why do I always get so behind, I would like to stay on top of this and be a month in front of written reviews. That is one of my plans for next year.

I also want to do some journaling and gratitude writing every day, plus my blog and then at least 1,000 words on the work in progress. I realise that is going to take some planning but I have from now until January 1st to get straight and in front, as then it should be achievable.

I need to edit and finalise my memoir and children’s book and send them off. Then research and plan my next book so it’s ready to write starting January.

I have arranged all guest speakers for my writing group, written up the agenda for the first meeting on 9th January, large and small posters completed. Planning is underway for the retreats and workshops to commence next year, very excited about these. There will also be a writing session one day a week which I think will be Thursday mornings, (10 to 12) or should that be longer like all day so people have the choice what time to come? Plus there will be special events during the year, like a crime day with Charlie Gallagher and Lisa Cutts who not only write about crime but solve it during their day jobs.

Our first guests in January for Write By The Sea will be Hannah Palmer and Karen Irving, they both wrote their first books this year with one self-publishing the other traditional publishing. I will be talking to them on the sofa about each of their journeys so start thinking about questions for them.

I will carry on doing the storytime at The Wellbeing Centre Thursday afternoons (1 to 2.30) as I do enjoy that. It is a good place to sit and listen to the many different pieces of work from people.

Christmas is almost sorted I just have to wrap a few presents, write cards to friends. It was all relatively easy this year as all the older grandchildren wanted money for things they are saving for like cars!

I do have the three family birthdays during December as my eldest daughter will be 40, that makes me feel very old. Eldest granddaughter will be 22, will she become sensible I wonder? Plus a grandson has his 7th birthday.

It all sounds very achievable when written down, fingers crossed I manage it.


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