IMG_3159.JPG Remember that feeling when your going on a date and you spend ages thinking about what to wear and trying on every combination of your entire wardrobe, ending up with the bed and floor covered in clothes. Yer, well my rooms been like that this week and I don’t really know why we do it as then I just went out and bought something new, the changing room ended up looking like my bedroom too.
I then decided to have my nails done, while deciding on colours I came across an offer from PURE INDULGENCE in Folkestone, they were offering a choice of two treatments that you could pick from a list for £45

IMG_3162.PNGYou can find them on FaceBook and even do your booking there. I decided on the nails and to have a massage for a special treat to myself and thought it might help my shoulders and neck as they have been very painful lately.

IMG_3156-0.JPG As soon as I walked into the shop I felt relaxed, Kerry is so friendly and immediately calms you, we decided to do my nails first which was a brilliant idea as we got to know one another and didn’t stop chatting. I love the colour.

IMG_3161.JPGThe massage was great and is very much what you want and not them just doing it so if your not well or have any problems it is a wonderful place to go as they are so caring and helpful.

IMG_3157.JPGThe range of services they offer is amazing and I would love to try some of the others at some point. I will definitely be going back to try some of them.


Oh and the date is this weekend, Carl the fireman is coming down to see me, driving for five hours! I may up date you all next week lol Have a great weekend x


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