Blush pink gin and tonic €5 even though it was a very large one it is much cheaper to buy a bottle and drink as that only costs €12 for pink gin, plain gin is even cheaper.

Pint of shandy €2.50        Spritzer €2.50         Coffee with milk and a bottle of water €2.50

So some things are a bit cheaper it just depends what you drink and eat.  The smaller places out the way are much cheaper.  Also I found Benidorm cheaper that the other smaller towns.

Pint of beer €1.50

The Sun bar in Benidorm

Prices are great here, small beer, 2 pink gin and lemonades and a jacket potato with side salad, tuna, sweetcorn mayonnaise with a pot of it on the side as well, wish I had taken a pic of it but I was starving. €13


So like everywhere you go you have to look about for the good deals, I even found a €1 breakfast!


You can’t beat that for a cheap breakfast!

All their deals are good here so well worth popping up to the corner bar.

I think I must be getting a light weight as after two beers, 2 gins then food and I then had 2 Buds back at the van chatting and I was asleep by 8 lol. The next day was a lazy sunbathing day. That is the most I drank on this break so I think I am good for dry October.





  1. kaskent
    6th October 2018 / 7:10 am

    I have failed already lol maybe do it November xx

  2. 6th October 2018 / 12:23 am

    The OAP breakfast looks good, but don’t they usually give you smaller portions? Can’t be having that. Dry October? How will you get through the first meeting of the book group? x

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