Carolyn V. Hamilton is a multi-genre author, with books published in mystery, romance, memoir, and non-fiction writing as well as adult coloring books. Born and raised in Seattle, Washington and a graduate of Antioch University Seattle, she spent over 30 years in the real world of “Mad Men.” She served 2 years in the Peace Corps and oh yes, she was once a Playboy Bunny.

img_2422Finished writing your memoir? Get ready for EDITING, where your major work begins. This short guide covers everything you need to know to edit your book like a pro, and take your story and your writing from good to POWERFUL!

Professional editing for any book is not cheap. But by editing as well as possible yourself, you can drastically reduce, or even eliminate, professional editing costs.

Power Editing For Memoir Writers helps you look at every aspect of your writing—from your initial story concept, through the telling of your story, to how you craft your sentences.

Now you can feel confident in your writing, and impress your reader with your storytelling and the professional presentation of the words on each page.

This short, concise, no-nonsense guide makes the editing process easy. It introduces you to a fantastically easy editing system, shows you how to use powerful word arrangements called “rhetorical devices”, and how to use the NUMBER ONE SECRET to power up your writing today!

Power Editing For Memoir Writers is arranged in two sections: Part One addresses the elements of your story, and how you have used them. Part Two addresses your sentence structure, grammar and word usage, with tips and tricks professional writers and editors use every day to write and market best-sellers.

The author has purposefully kept this book as simple and concise as possible—under three hours to read—with practical information you can APPLY RIGHT NOW to your manuscript.

Carolyn V. Hamilton is a former marketing, advertising and copywriting executive with several published books, including fiction, non-fiction and memoir.

In her private coaching program, Memoir to Legacy, she helps aspiring memoir writers share their stories of adventure, adversity, personal challenges, trauma and redemption.

WHAT DID I THINK – As I was writing a memoir about a part of my life that wasn’t the easiest to deal with, I joined a Facebook group about memoir writing and this led me to get to know Carolyn who very kindly sent me her book to read and review. Then she would read my memoir when it was finished. I have today sent her that so felt it was time to review her book. I think the best thing to say about it is if you are thinking or already writing a memoir then you need to pop onto Amazon and buy this book. So many helpful points to assist your writing but also ways to make the writing better and to stand out. Maybe even to shock someone as sometimes a memoir can be hard to write and even harder to read.

You have to make your stand out and this book really helps you to do this. Sometimes the writing can make your emotions break through but you have to then make them come through in your writing. Make the reader sad, happy what ever you are so tapping into yourself all the time while writing make notes of how your feeling then when you read back see if the writing is making you feel that.

Writing a memoir is not easy as it makes you confront everything you are writing about, for some this is a pleasant experience but for others it can be a huge turmoil so ask yourself are you ready for this now or should you wait a bit longer. Make notes over time about facts, figures, emotions and outcomes so you don’t forget anything.

definitely a brilliant book to assist you in your memoir writing.







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