fullsizeoutput_2b8cWhat a cute little tattoo? I would like that on my right hand.  Mind you the picture is making me think about coffee but I am off the caffeine for a while also alcohol and stress although how you can stop being stressed I am struggling with. At the moment I don’t actually feel stressed so thank goodness for that.  I have bought de-caff T-bags and there is not actually a lot of difference, well not that I can taste. I have not tried the de-caff coffee yet as for some reason I am thinking that it will be really different in taste. I do enjoy a cup of coffee even though I probably only have one a day at about eleven I do look forward to it. Tea I have about three a day so I’m not having a lot of caffeine anyway. The alcohol does not really bother me as I tend to only drink when I go out with my daughter. I also need to drink at least two litres of water a day! I am struggling with that as I have never really drunk a lot.


You are probably wondering why this change in drinking habits, well I saw the cardiologist and I now have PoTS on top of what I already have, so I am trying to get my head around this. It has many of the same symptoms as the M E the thing I am most worried about is passing out indoors but I guess I would just lay there till I woke up! The dizziness and falling over my feet are annoying and I feel very wiped out most of the time now.


I might not be stressed but I am not happy, so many symptoms from both these conditions I appear to have.


Stay dry on this rainy day friends.


What do you think?

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