I am going to try to be more positive today and not let these problems upset me, well that is the plan. At least the shower block and toilets are all very nice, there is a laundry with machines and an iron, not that I even use one. I was really pleased to see a library hut with many books in it all different languages so something for everyone. There are two swimming pools, couple of bars that I have not been to and nice play areas for children. This is one of the best parks I have ever seen. For the twelve nights it has cost €217 so it is a bit expensive and this was the cheapest one I could find, now I have electric on top of that but I am only going to use it to charge my laptop so it shouldnt be that much, I hope.

The best bit about this park is that there are some great people living here especially in the row that I am in so I do feel safe here on the park.

It is very hot today so I will do a bit of sitting by the pool as I really want to finish this great book I am reading by Charlie Gallagher, this is going in my top five of the year so now there is a bit of a fight going on as to who gets the number one place this year.



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