Someone said to me the other day that their partner was complaining about the trust issues in their relationship and it got me thinking.
Do we inherit the issues from our parents as we grow up seeing theirs?
Or do we make our own from previous relationships?
I guess we all have some issues but do we allow them to affect our lives and the future, can we stop them?  I think it is normal if you have been in a relationship where the partner has cheated that in the next one you are going to be wondering the whole time if they will cheat as well.  Then you have the other version that you cannot treat them all the same, everyone is different.  If someone is tight with money then they are going to be like that in any relationship as that is the way they are, unless they want to change to please the other person but should you change for someone else?
Does it get easier the longer you are in a relationship as people do say you get easier to live with the older you get?
Do you think you have got ‘nicer?’
Again I realise how simpler it is to live alone as after failed relationships your baggage gets bigger and I do not think anyone could come out good enough!
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  1. 29th July 2016 / 10:00 pm

    Yes, I would agree that we inherit the issues of our parents as we grow up seeing theirs.
    I would say that we spend many years playing this old routine out. But I would also say that if you have finally discovered your own authenticity, you would develop a trust in your own relationship where you allowed your partner the freedom to explore, if need be, and had the fortitude to recognize that they will eventually bounce back to you because of your own authenticity. If they don’t bounce back, then we have our answer: they’re not authentic themselves. Then it’s time to move away from them and re-authenticate yourself so that you become irresistible to a new love attachment. I think it all has to do with recognizing one’s individual truth and living by it. You will become somebody else’s rock instead of their scratching post!!!

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