There is nothing easy about planning a party and we do have a few coming up in the family, why do all the special birthdays and events all seem to come at once? Better planning needed from conception I say lol. So, I have a 40th for my daughter, one granddaughter will be 18 and of course my own 60th. Which I must say seems to have loomed up very quickly and not welcome, doesn’t 60 sound old?

Loving this necklace.

My go to place for something a bit different is the Square Meal website which is even better now as their website has had a super revamp. Really easy to use and so much on there, so there is something for everyone and all budgets. They even have a supplier’s tab which is very handy. I have added their site to my favourites bookmark as I am always looking for treats and party ideas. My other daughter is planning her wedding so we are always looking for venues and ideas and they have 56 venues for weddings, so now comes the choice. Billie is not sure what to have and every place she looks at she loves, how to make that decision? This site offers so much as well as ideas, help, wedding dresses that are so gorgeous you just want to try them all on. Then you have that time of the day between the meal and the evening party but this fantastic company have got a solution for that as well, yes, they have 17 fun and unique ways to entertain your guests. I am getting carried away with all these terrific ideas, anyone want to marry me so Square Meal can plan my ideal wedding day?


The amount of event venues that are available is amazing! How great would it be to have a birthday party in the Science museum, that should come tops with the kids. I am getting so excited looking at all these great venues that they have where ever you are, what a choice and they can do all the event planning if you are a bit busy looking for that perfect present.

Science museum party venue.


As a writer I very often head to coffee houses to write as the change in location really inspires me to find new ideas. I often like to just sit with a drink watching and listening to those little snippets of information you can hear. I then weave them into a story or just keep notes for a later date, it’s called my little ideas booklet and it really does come in handy. The idea of people working in bars and restuarant’s has developed with many places adding power points and strong wi-fi so in their quiet periods people can use the space to work. This company even have a list of places that are going to come in handy next time I am in London.


If you have your own company or you need to build your team so they work as a team, then let Square Meal organise a team building event for your employees. A great way to take the pressure of yourself but still benefit from the exercise. I think these events really help towards a happy workforce and we all know that if they are happy then they are more productive. It’s a win win situation for everyone.

Head on over to Square Meal and find your perfect event venue or let them take the pressure off you and plan everything so you can just enjoy your event. Happy planning


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