20140127-010206 pm.jpg I have a friend who sells many things at these events and as she now does some healing, I was asked if I would look after the stall for her last night. Thank goodness everything was priced was my initial reaction and then I was asked what crystals were in the rings…..mmmmm I new the obvious ones but needed assistance with the others. I thought I knew a lot of them but you realise when you are put on the spot, help I don’t know many at all.

My granddaughter came along to see what it was all about and then ended up helping on the stall which she thought was great and asked if she could have a job although she would love to have a stall herself and sell her cup cakes. She is searching for new ideas at the moment for Valentine cakes so will post picture when they are finalised as I am sure they are going to look great.

I was going to see a medium last night but never got the time, it is amazing how popular the many mediums of physic are as there were queues to see all of them. I got some lovely smelling candles and a crystal hanging ornament for the window. Everyone was so friendly and a lovely evening was had by all and I am looking forward to attending the next one.

20140127-010412 pm.jpg
What a great site, every time I go on there I find more great ideas and pictures. If you have never seen it I suggest you pop on over there, it is very simple and you can put your blog on there for a bit more advertising. The idea is you make a board, say a board for pink cup cakes then you search for these and many many pictures will appear, you then pick the ones you like and pin to your board. You can watch other peoples boards if you like them or just pinch their pictures….they don’t mind. Saturday evening my daughter and I were thinking of themes for a party and came up with doctors and nurses so we then put that in for a search on Pinterest, the results were great from food ideas, decorations, clothes and making things so I now have a board of doctors and nurses. Nanny Cool is on their so come take a look.

20140127-011509 pm.jpg As I was texting my daughter about ideas and what we needed to get I saw the latex gloves and thought you could fill those with water and freeze and then put the hand in the punch bowl, well I obviously got a bit carried away as my friend also text me and he got a text saying latex gloves!!! I had some explaining to do as he rang me immediately lol


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