We celebrated Christmas and presents last night and what a fun night it was, it really cheered me up and we had such a laugh. Jodie excelled at the wrapping again, I do not know how I miss these things on Pinterest but what an excellent idea, photos instead of labels! We had to wait until ten before they could open the presents from Jodie as she wanted to Facetime and watch her as she is in Australia for Christmas. Kara spoilt me with some lovely gifts, another post coming about them soon.

I cooked Indian which is Kara’s favourite meal, Reece had never had this dish before but he liked it, thank goodness. In restaurant’s it’s sometimes called Murgh Masala or Keema, basically lamb mince, chicken, tomatoes, spices, onion, garlic. My friend Lynda taught me how to cook it and she was taught by an indian lady.

After dinner we played the ring of fire game, I had never played it before but it is fun and we did get a bit tipsy.

I am not sure how Reece got up for work at 7 but he did, Kara woke at 12 then she woke me at 1 so apart from a little bit of a sore head we were ok and spent the afternoon munching and watching films. It was sad to see her go but she has a few days off so I am sure we will catch up again. It was also nice to have some company as I had not seen anyone since Christmas day and being in Jodie’s house looking after the cats makes me miss them all.

Next is New Years Eve, have you made any plans?



Loving this ginger bread house that Kara built!

So what are you all up to?

Waiting for New Year while still enjoying the delights of Christmas, if you are working then I raise a glass to you. Some are using this time to take down their decorations, `I feel this to be a tad early but each to their own. The sales have begun so now is the best time to get your cards, wrapping paper and ribbons which are about 50p in Asda this year but I am sure they will drop to 10p after New Year. If you are looking for something to wear New years Eve then New Look have so many bargains at the moment in all departments.  If you are not feeling the best then take this time to rest and relax to build your strength for next year.

I have been trying to decide which book will win my BOOK OF 2018 it is a very close call this year as I have read some amazing stories. These are the best 12 so one of these will be my winner. Have you read any of these and which ones do you think are really good?

So far I have read 74 books this year I should finish the one I am reading as over half way through it so 75 books read for 2018 is a great total which I am really pleased about.


Maybe I will set my total for next year to 100?

The weather is very mild here in Kent so a great time for walks along the beach or the woods while thinking about the new year and what it will bring, are you making any resolutions I am sure I will make the same ones, lose weight, write more, finish the book and build up my blog stats. What will yours be?

I have been looking at planners and diaries also downloading sheets, all to encourage you along your journey what ever it might be. There are certainly so many to choose from so have a look at them all, many have sponsored posts on Facebook and as soon as you look at one you are then bombarded with them all. Even some of the free ones are very good and you can just pick the sheets that appeal to you and print out. The Works have a great selection of diaries this year, which are all on offer now starting at £2

What ever you are doing this week, have fun, take care and most of all enjoy yourself while making sure you have some ‘me time’





Pelham House is a care home situated in Folkestone, a little while ago I was contacted by the newly appointed activities coordinator Desirée Gillard.

Dignity in Care Campaign was first introduced in 2006 with the aim of putting dignity and respect at the basis of the care industry.  This writing competition for children in years 5 & 6 will aim for children putting into words how they would uphold the rights of a person in care and how they would promote themselves the dignity rights in care.

Desirée has asked me to be a judge for the competition, which I am really excited about and looking forward to reading what the children have to say and how they would promote it from a child’s point of view.

The campaign has over 80,000 registered Dignity Champions – be they individuals or care organisations. They are part of a nationwide movement, working individually and collectively, to ensure people have a good experience of care when they need it.

You can obtain a resource pack here.

Happy writing children




Well it is all over for another year so now we can look forward to New Years Eve, not that I ever go out as it’s just another night with the difference being that some places will charge you but the rest of the year you get in for free, bit of a con!

I am looking forward to trying these syrup flavours in my coffee apart from the hazelnut that Billie likes and the cinnamon that Reece would like, I don’t like either of those so that has worked out well.

Boxing Day was a bit of a right off for me as I felt really ill with a migraine so spent the day in bed, today is better but not 100%.

During Christmas Eve and Christmas Day I watched these films, I thought the Bird Box was really good. The Brain on fire was interesting but the best was Safe which was a series that I watched all in one go, I would recommend it.

Bird Box, A Christmas Prince, Once upon a holiday, Brain on fire, Home again, Safe.

I am beginning to think about next year and been looking at all the different planners you can get now, also there are some that you can download. I am going to use my diary but in my blog folder I will download some parts of different planners to use. I would like to build my blog’s DA also my numbers. I am reviewing different products now and have affiliates with a couple of companies so they all need work on them to increase awareness.

I am very excited to be involved with the CBD Oil and you can get 20% off and free delivery if you use this code “karensworld20”


A full blog post will be coming soon about this.

I hope your Christmas was all you expected and Santa was kind to you, I would love to know what you received


The present’s have been bought and wrapped the tree is sparkling in the corner and all the children are so excited looking forward to Santa. We all went for our breakfast this morning which is our tradition that happens every Christmas Eve, todays was a bit different as Jodie and her family have gone to Australia to stay with her Dad for a month. We did some presents after a huge breakfast which the children all enjoyed.

I am loving some of the antics that the elf on the shelf is getting up to this year.

The excitement level is high as the little ones are growing up and really getting into it. In fact the twins can open presents as fast as the older ones now. Not leaving the adults out as their opening of bottles gets quicker and quicker with the drinking even faster! Lol.


I am loving this picture of Freddie.



Whatever your all doing for Christmas, I wish you a healthy and happy time and hope you get all you wished for.